YOGA and PILATES has never been safer

East Gosford Yoga & Pilates offers small, friendly and safe Yoga & Pilates Classes run from comfortable air conditioned and carpeted rooms at East Gosford Physiotherapy. They also offer the medically researched, physiotherapy designed, BOUNCE Back Active Rehabilitation classes.

The instructors at East Gosford Yoga & Pilates are caring, highly trained and closely affiliated with the specialist physiotherapists at East Gosford Physiotherapy. This means that they are not only able to deliver exciting, challenging and fun Yoga and Pilates classes, they will also ensure you train correctly and safely to achieve maximum results.

It doesn’t matter what level of experience you have, or if you’ve never even done an exercise class before, they will make each session, fun and challenging, no matter what your level. At East Gosford Yoga & Pilates, there is an exercise program to suit everybody.

Never Done YOGA or PILATES?

Then East Gosford Yoga & Pilates is the ideal environment for you. The qualified instructors will discuss your condition before starting your classes. If you’ve had previous back pain, or are unsure of your ability, then they will conduct an assessment during your first session to guide you to the best and safest path of exercise.

Contact the exercise professionals at East Gosford Yoga & Pilates to experience safe exercise classes that will enhance your mind, body and spirit.

You can also choose to have a thorough pre-class physiotherapy assessment to analyse your condition prior to commencing your exercise program. Click here to book your pre-exercise assessment with a physiotherapist today.