Classes for everyone from the absolute beginner to advanced

All exercise classes run at East Gosford Yoga & Pilates are conducted in small group sessions under the careful guidance and instruction of highly experienced and trained instructors. Unlike large gym-based group classes, these sessions are safe, fun and personalised to suit your individual condition. Each class is delivered from a purpose built, air-conditioned and fully equipped room designed to challenge and inspire you.

In general, Yoga & Pilates develops increased awareness of:

If you’ve never done Yoga, Pilates or BOUNCE Back Classes before, or you have back pain, then the specialists at East Gosford Yoga & Pilates will carefully assess your condition and if required, book you into a personalised Pre-Exercise assessment with a qualified physiotherapist. This careful approach ensures that your body will be ready for the challenges of these exciting exercise disciplines, while helping you get the most out of exercise without the risk of hurting yourself.

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Pilates challenges and strengthens the muscles of the core which are used to maintain correct spinal alignment while you breathe and move during the day. Pilates creates an advanced understanding of posture and alignment by developing your core muscle awareness through relaxed normal breathing patterns. Building this awareness helps you more effectively utilise your core muscles to support your spine and prevent pain and injury during everyday actions such as standing for long periods, lifting and bending or even sitting at a work desk for long hours. Improved use and awareness of your core muscles will also deliver significant benefits in all areas of sport and fitness.

The aim of Pilates is to:

All Pilates Classes conducted at East Gosford Yoga & Pilates are mat based and closely supervised in small and friendly groups.


Vinyasa Yoga classes fall under the general Hatha Yoga banner, and are designed to bring balance to the body. As Vinyasa means ‘flow’, each class moves from one pose (asana) to the next with specific focus placed on the breath. This movement and focus creates heat in the body, assisting circulation and improving flexibility. Yoga asanas also build strength throughout the entire body. Vinyasa Yoga classes are inspired by the ancient discipline of yoga but implement a safe and practical approach to teaching the postures to suit modern day lifestyles.

The aim of Yoga is to:

Yoga is for everybody regardless of your age or level of fitness. East Gosford Yoga & Pilates offers classes from beginners through to general (progressive) and advanced levels.

BOUNCE Back Classes

Removing Pain while Changing the Way You Move and Think

If you are worried about doing Yoga or Pilates because of pre-existing problems then BOUNCE Back is the perfect solution. The BOUNCE back Active Rehabilitation System is a structured and easy to follow exercise program specifically designed to help you move with confidence. BOUNCE Back has been medically researched and has a huge body of supporting evidence to show its success for those suffering back pain.

BOUNCE Back is unlike any other exercise program available today because it suits all levels of ability and fitness including:

Once you complete the 8-week BOUNCE Back program, you’ll be ready to do Yoga, Pilates or other exercise with confidence.

Yoga & Pilates Instructors

Experienced and Caring Yoga & Pilates Instructors

With nine years’ experience teaching Pilates in the fitness industry and later studying at Neutral Bay’s Power Living Studio to become Yoga teachers, Cheryl and Belinda have seen some amazing transformations amongst their many class attendees. When practised regularly Cheryl and Belinda have personally found the discipline of Pilates and Yoga to not only help build physical strength, but also develop a more resilient character. This mental and physical growth helps in more effectively managing the challenges of our modern day lifestyles.